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About TJ Rob

Being taught to read at an early age, I soon became an avid reader. As a young child reading brought me great pleasure and still does.

From the pages of the many books that lined my mother’s home library I was introduced to literally entire new worlds.

I was transported to magical places like the Pyramids and Mount Everest, and discovered amazing creatures in the oceans and on land.

The old adage that “knowledge is power” seems to resonate more so than ever today. Reading and learning gives kids that power, and in today’s increasingly competitive world, the more knowledge kids have at their fingertips, the more prepared they will be to meet the challenges of our modern world.

I wish to pass on my love of reading and exploring the world around us to all those new younger readers.

So join me on my many voyages of discovery, learning about the many incredible things, people and creatures that make our world such a fascinating place.