Animal Hall Of Fame Volume 1 - The Biggest, Smallest, Fastest, Slowest, Meanest, Deadliest, Tallest and MORE

What is the BIGGEST animal? The SMALLEST? The FASTEST, the SLOWEST? The MOST POISONOUS? The animal that SLEEPS the MOST?

What animal has the MOST POWERFUL bite?

The answers to these questions and a lot MORE can be found in this book that explores the world of Feats and Records in the Animal Kingdom.

“This is a fun book for children. They love knowing "the biggest, the fastest" etc.”

Filled with full color illustrations, bursting with interesting and amazing facts and easy to understand text.

This book is perfect for young readers from ages 5 to 8. Sure to fascinate readers of all ages.

This the 1st book in a 2 Volume series. To learn what animals are the Biggest, the Fastest, the Slowest, and the Deadliest, please buy your copy of The Animal Hall of Fame Volume 1 today!

Book Contents:

  1. The Biggest and the Heaviest
  2. The Smallest and the Lightest
  3. The Fastest
  4. The Fastest Bird
  5. The Fastest Fish
  6. The Slowest
  7. The Meanest
  8. The World’s Deadliest
  9. The Loudest
  10. The Tallest
  11. The Sleepiest
  12. The Longest Hibernator
  13. The Worst Eyesight
  14. The Best Eyesight
  15. Hear the Furthest Distance
  16. Hear the Quietest Sounds
  17. The Best Sense of Smell on Earth
  18. The Oldest Living Creatures
  19. The Largest Population on Earth
  20. The Biggest Jumper
  21. The Most Powerful Bite
  22. The Most Poisonous Bite/Sting