The Animal Hall Of Fame Volume 2 - The Strongest, Longest, Smartest, Highest Flying, Deepest Living and MORE

Do you know what is the STRONGEST animal? What animal is the SMARTEST, and the BRAVEST animal?


What animal has the BIGGEST TEETH? Builds the BIGGEST NEST?

The answers to these questions and a lot MORE can be found in this book of incredible and weird Feats and Records in the Animal Kingdom.

Filled with full color illustrations, overflowing with amazing facts and easy to understand text.

“I ordered several in printed form for grandchildren living a great distance away. When I had the chance to visit them and see the books I had sent, I was even more impressed…”

This book is perfect for readers from ages 5 to 8 but will be enjoyed by all ages up to 100!

This the 2nd book in a 2 Volume series. To learn more about the amazing feats in the Animal Kingdom, get your copy of this fascinating book today.

Book Contents:


1. The ANIMAL HALL OF FAME — Volume 2
2. The Strongest in Sheer Power
3. The Strongest — by Size and Weight
4. The Longest Overall
5. The Smartest
6. The Highest Flying
7. The Deepest Living Creature
8. The Biggest Eater
9. The Hungriest Animal
10. The Longest Animal Pregnancy
11. The Longest Migration
12. The Rarest
13. The Biggest Eggs
14. The Biggest Nest
15. The Softest Fur
16. The Biggest Herds
17. The Biggest Teeth
18. The Most Teeth
19. The Most Shocking
20. The Biggest SPIDER
21. The Smelliest
22. The Best Camouflage
23. The Best Animal Mothers
24. The Most Successful Hunters
25. The Bravest and Most Fearless