Bald Eagle - Super Predators

Bald Eagles represent strength and dignity. What makes them one of the World’s most powerful birds of prey?

If you love reading about amazing raptors, then this book is for you.

After nearly becoming extinct in the 1960’s, how many are left in the wild today?

Have Bald Eagles even been to the moon? How?

In what way are Bald Eagle nests so special? We all know that they can fly, but can Bald Eagles swim?

This book answers these and many more questions you may have about Bald Eagles…

“…the pictures were great and so was the context…”

Filled with color images and interesting facts about these majestic creatures. Although aimed at young readers from ages 5 to 8, all readers up to 100 will enjoy this book!

To learn more about these Kings of the North American skies, get your copy of “Bald Eagle” today!

Book Contents:

  1. What are Bald Eagles?
  2. What do Bald Eagles look like?
  3. Where do Bald Eagles Live?
  4. Are Bald Eagles really bald?
  5. How many Bald Eagles are left in the wild?
  6. How big is a Bald Eagle?
  7. How long do Bald Eagles live?
  8. An American symbol
  9. Hunting
  10. What do Bald Eagles like to eat?
  11. How much do Bald Eagles eat?
  12. Cool Bald Eagle Facts
  13. Bald Eagles Super Sight
  14. Bald Eagles Senses
  15. The Bald Eagle Call
  16. Feathers and Flying
  17. Nest Building
  18. Bald Eagle Babies
  19. More Cool Bald Eagle Facts
  20. Do Bald Eagles Migrate?
  21. How and Where do Bald Eagles sleep?