Bears - 51 Fascinating, Crazy & Weird Facts

What do you know about Bears? Do you know how many species of Bears there are in the wild today? Can Bears retract their claws? Do cuddly Panda Bears bite?


This book uncovers more than 51 amazing facts about Bears. You may know something about Bears already, but many of these facts will be brand new.


Facts like…. What color is the skin of a Polar Bear? Where did the character “Winnie the Pooh” get its name? What is the name of South America’s only Bear?


“A great and engaging way to get our kids to read more and learn about the world around them…”


This book is full of color images, bursting with little known facts. Easy reading – aimed at readers aged 5 to 8 but anyone up to 100 will enjoy this book…


If you are ready to expand your knowledge about these incredible creatures get your copy today!


Book Contents:

1.    How many species of Bears are there?

2.    Where do you find Bears today?

3.    How fast can Bears run?

4.    Is a Polar Bear’s fur really white?

5.    What color skin do Polar Bears have?

6.    Do Polar Bears favor one giant paw over the other?

7.    Can the biggest Bear jump?

8.    How far do Polar Bears roam?

9.    How much can a Polar Bear eat?

10. How are the names “Arctic” and “Antarctic” connected to Bears?

11. What are the only true meat-eating Bears?

12. Does a Polar Bear have a cloak of invisibility?

13. Are Koala Bears really Bears?

14. Are Giant Panda Bears endangered?

15. What human illnesses do Giant Panda Bears suffer from?

16. What do Giant Pandas eat a ton of?

17. Do Giant Pandas bite?

18. Can Bears retract their claws?

19. Do different Bear species have different shaped claws?

20. What animal do Sloth Bears look a lot like?

21. Where do Sloth Bears live?

22. How are Sloth Bears different from other Bears?

23. What strange eating habits do Sloth Bears have?

24. How much does a tiny baby Bear grow?

25. Where do Sun Bears get their name?

26. What other weird feature do Sun Bears have?

27. What other surprises do Sun Bears have?

28. Where do Grizzly Bears get their name?

29. Where do Grizzly Bears get their fearsome reputation?

30. How good are a Grizzly Bear’s senses?

31. How do Grizzlies prepare for their hibernation?

32. Do Grizzlies love water?

33. What is South America’s only Bear?

34. Are Spectacled Bears shy creatures?

35. What is one difference between Spectacled Bears and other Bears?

36. How many teeth do Bears have?

37. Are all American Black Bears black in color?

38. What are the differences between Black Bears and Grizzly Bears?

39. Do you know these Bear hibernating facts?

40. Can all Bears climb?

41. Of which countries are Bears the national animal?

42. Do you know where the Teddy Bear got its name?

43. Which famous poet kept a Bear as a pet instead of a dog?

44. Do you know that Winnie the Pooh was based on a real Bear?

45. Why do Bears stand on two legs?

46. Do you know these Bear facts?

47. What about these Bear facts?

48. What are the only predators willing to take on a Bear?

49. Where are the car license plates shaped like Polar Bears?

50. Which USA State has an extinct Bear in its flag?

51. Are Bears smart animals?