The Big 5 - Africa's Most Dangerous

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Do you know what are Africa’s BIG 5 animals? Do you know why they got the name “BIG 5”?


The BIG 5 animals may surprise you – they behave in amazing ways that you would never expect!


This book answers some of the questions you may have had about the BIG 5.


Facts like…. Are the BIG 5 really dangerous? What is special about them? How many babies do they have? How long do they live? How many are left in the wild?


This book is filled with color images and packed full of factsEasy to read and understand – aimed at readers from ages 5 to 8 but anyone up to 100 will enjoy this book…


“…interesting facts and terrific photos…”


To learn more about Africa’s famous BIG 5 animals get your copy today!


Book Contents:

1. What are Africa’s Big 5 Animals?

2. Where does the name Big 5 come from?

3. Lion

4. Do You know these Lion Facts?

5. Leopard

6. Do you know these Leopard Facts?

7. Cape Buffalo

8. Do you know these Cape Buffalo Facts?

9. Rhino

10. Do you know these Rhino Facts?

11. Elephants

12. Do you know these Elephant Facts?