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Wild World Of The Big Cats

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What do you know about the Wild World of The Big Cats?

The Big Cats have incredible special abilities, skills and talents, making them some of the greatest predators on Earth!


Discover more than 100 awesome and incredible Big Cat FACTS in this book – most may be brand new to you!


Uncover facts like… The Big Cat that can see 3 miles (5km) away in perfect detail. The Big Cat that sleeps most of its day away.


Learn why the Big Cats have their eyes facing forwards, while most of their prey have eyes on the sides of their heads.


Answer head scratching questions like… Which of the Big Cats can outleap almost any other animal on the planet?


What group of Big Cats is called a Leap? Which Big Cat lives so high up in the Mountains that Humans hardly ever see it?


What Big Cat holds a Guinness Book of Records title for its name? Why do Big Cats groom themselves up to half of the time that they are awake?


“…you will find yourself saying WOW… again and again… I didn’t know that!”


Filled with dozens of images in vivid color and packed full of jaw-dropping facts…


Easy to read and understand – aimed at Big Cat lovers from ages 5 to 8 but anyone is sure to enjoy this book!


“Great layout… keeps kids totally engaged!


To discover WILD WORLD OF THE BIG CATS get your copy today!


Book Contents:


1.    Which BIG CAT?

2.    Sounds They Make

3.    Eyes and Vision

4.    5 COOL BIG CAT Facts

5.    Stripes, Spots and Coats

6.    Tails

7.    Another 5 COOL BIG CAT Facts

8.    Paws and Claws

9.    Teeth and Jaws

10. Ears and Hearing

11. Athletic and Smart

12. Even More COOL BIG CAT Facts

13. Hunting Habits

14. Lifestyle and Well-Being

15. THANKS For Reading – more books for you to Enjoy!