Bugs and Insects - Amazing, Crazy and Weird

Hate them or love them! We have to live with them! Bugs and Insects are everywhere around us.


80% of Earth’s animals are Bugs. There are more than 1 million different species of Insects.


Some Bugs and Insects look really weird.
Some Bugs do really strange things.
Some behave in amazing ways that you would never expect.


This book uncovers just some of the craziest, weird and amazing Bugs and Insects that roam our planet.


Facts like…. What is the longest bug? The bug with the most painful bite?

Do you know what is the strongest bug? The Spider that spins a web that is 6 times stronger than steel?


This book is full of color images, packed with little known facts. Easy to read and understand – aimed at young readers from ages 5 to 8, but readers up to 100 will enjoy this book too!


“This book is wonderful in printed form because of the colorful images…. Kids love bugs!!”


With so many Bugs and Insects around, you will find a whole new bunch to learn about. To explore the strange and amazing world of Bugs and Insects get your copy today!


Book Contents:

1.    Let’s Explore the World of Bugs

2.    Are Bugs and Insects the same thing?

3.    That’s a Big Bug — The Atlas Moth

4.    The See Through Bug — The Glasswing Butterfly

5.    The World’s Longest Bug — The Borneo Walking Stick

6.    That’s a LONG Neck — The Giraffe Weevil

7.    Hiding in Front of You — Thorn Bugs


9.    The Most Painful Bite — The Bullet Ant

10. The Strongest Bug — The Dung Beetle

11. The Ninja Bug — The Assassin Bug

12. Weird and Colorful — The Spiny Flower Mantis

13. Dangerous with a Cute Face — The Puss Moth Caterpillar


15. The Champion Hunter — Dragonflies

16. I Glow in the Dark — Fireflies

17. The “You Can’t Miss Me” Bug — The Striped Shieldbug

18. The Giant Killer — The Tarantula Hawk Wasp

19. The Super Web Spinner — Darwin’s Bark Spider