Extra-Ordinary Elephants - Cool and Interesting Facts

Did you know that a 10,000-pound Elephant can walk as quietly as a 5-pound house Cat? Not bad for the world’s largest land animal!


Did you know Elephants hear with their feet? Or that they weigh as much as 20 Lions? Or that they can live almost as long as we do?


Are Elephants really scared of mice? Just how smart are Elephants?


Uncover cool and interesting facts about the world of these giant creatures. Find out where they live, how much they can eat and so much more about Elephants in the wild.


Filled with full color illustrations, interesting facts and easy to understand text. Perfect for young readers — for ages 5 years to 8 but anyone up to 100 will enjoy this book too!


“…the whole family can experience… by learning new things about fascinating animals, all presented in beautiful photos.”


If you want to learn what makes Elephants such extra-ordinary animals get your copy of “Extra-Ordinary Elephants” today!


Book Contents:

1.    What are the different types of Elephant?

2.    Where do Elephants live in the wild today?

3.    How long do Elephants live?

4.    How do wild Elephants live together?

5.    Elephants are very social animals

6.    Do Elephants have feelings?

7.    What about Elephant babies?

8.    What do Elephants eat?

9.    What do Elephants use their trunks for?

10. Do Elephants have a good sense of smell?

11. How well do Elephants sleep?

12. What about tusks?

13. Are Elephants scared of mice?

14. Thick wrinkly skin

15. How fast can Elephants move?

16. Big soft feet

17. Big ears

18. Do Elephants love water?

19. How do Elephants communicate with each other?

20. Are Elephants smart?