What can weigh over 1000 pounds, can climb a 50-foot tree and run faster than a racehorse?


What animal eats mostly berries, nuts and fruits and can still easily crush a bowling ball with its huge powerful jaws?


What animal can smell you coming from over 15 miles (24 km) away?


The answer to all of the above is …a Grizzly!


These huge creatures are mild mannered until they feel threatened. Then the Grizzly becomes one of the most ferocious animals on Earth, and even more so if it believes it’s young may be in danger!


Filled with full color illustrations, fascinating facts and easy to understand text.


“…We have read many of TJ Rob’s books and recommend them for kids and adults alike.”


This book is aimed at young readers – from 5 to 8, but will delight readers up to 100!


If you love Bears and want to learn more about the world of these huge creatures, get your copy of “Grizzly” today.


Book Contents:

1.    What are Grizzlies?

2.    How did Grizzlies get their name?

3.    What color are Grizzlies?

4.    How big is a Grizzly?

5.    How to spot a Grizzly…

6.    Where do Grizzlies live in the wild today?

7.    Where do Grizzlies like to live?

8.    How many are left in the wild?

9.    Are there differences between Grizzlies and Black Bears?

10. How long do Grizzlies live?

11. What does a Grizzly eat?

12. Some of a Grizzly’s favorite foods

13. How often does a Grizzly eat?

14. How do Grizzlies hunt?

15. How fast can a Grizzly run?

16. Do Grizzlies climb trees?

17. How far do Grizzlies roam?

18. What about Grizzly cubs?

19. What happens when Grizzlies hibernate in the Winter?

20. True Hibernation or something else?

21. How do grizzlies communicate with one another?

22. Are Grizzlies dangerous?

23. Grizzly fun facts