Megalodon - The Biggest and Deadliest Shark

And you thought that Great White Sharks were big? Not even close next to a Megalodon.


Megalodons were the biggest and deadliest sharks that ever lived.


Enter the incredible world of these monster pre-historic creatures.


Discover when they lived, what they ate and why they became extinct.


Filled with full color illustrations, fascinating facts and easy to understand text. For readers young and old – from 5 to 100!


“my children loved learning the facts about Megalodon Sharks and it kept them engaged and challenged. Definitely a great read and fun.”


To learn how these awesome predators ruled the oceans for millions of years, buy your copy of Megalodon today!


Book Contents:

1. Discovering The World Around Us

2. What was a Megalodon?

3. When did Megalodons live?

4. What do we know about them?

5. What did they look like?

6. Where did they live?

7. How big was Megalodon?

8. How much did a Megalodon weigh?

9. How big was the mouth and jaw of Megalodon?

10. Giant Teeth

11. Serrated Teeth

12. How many teeth did Megalodon have?

13. Did a Megalodon lose its teeth?

14. How powerful was Megalodon’s bite?

15. What did Megalodons eat?

16. How much did a Megalodon eat?

17. What about baby Megalodons?

18. What was the lifespan of a Megalodon?

19. How do we calculate the age of a Megalodon?

20. Why did Megalodons become extinct?

21. Here is one possible explanation for Megalodon’s extinction

22. Are there any Megalodons in the oceans today?

23. Could there be any Megalodons living in our oceans today?