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Wonders of the Natural World

Do you know what are the WETTEST, DRIEST, HOTTEST, DEEPEST places in the Natural World? The WIDEST river? The TALLEST living thing?


The tallest mountain on Earth is as tall as 20 Empire State Buildings stacked on top of one another. Where is it?


How deep is the deepest ocean?


What is the driest place on Earth – where almost no rain has been seen for the last 500 years? And where is the wettest place?


What is the coldest temperature ever recorded, so cold that you get frostbite in less than 1 minute?


These questions, and a lot more, are all answered in this fascinating book of extremes on our planet…


“…These books are great educational tools…”


Filled with full color illustrations, bursting with amazing facts and easy to understand text that is sure to keep young readers turning to the next page.


This book is aimed at young readers from ages 5 to 8, but will appeal to readers of all ages!


To uncover these incredible Natural Wonders, purchase your copy today.


Book Contents:

1.    The Highest Mountain

2.    The Deepest Part of the Ocean

3.    The Lowest Point on Earth

4.    The Biggest Cave System on Earth

5.    The Wettest Place on Earth

6.    The Driest Place on Earth

7.    The Highest Waterfall

8.    The Tallest Tree on Earth

9.    The Biggest River on Earth

10. The Hottest Place on Earth

11. The Coldest Place on Earth

12. The Most Spectacular Light Show

13. The Biggest Rainforest

14. The Deepest and Oldest Lake on Earth