Orca - Killer Whale

Orcas are also called Killer Whales, but Orcas are not Whales. They are members of the Dolphin family. So how did they get the name Killer Whale?

We all know how intelligent Dolphins are. Are Orcas even smarter?


Are Orcas afraid of Sharks? What would happen if an Orca met up with a Great White Shark?


Orcas are big – some grow to weigh 22,000 pounds and 32 feet long. So, how fast can Orcas swim?


This book answers many of the questions you may have about Orcas Whales, and a whole lot more…


“…easy for a child to read and lots of pictures…”


This book is filled with color images and interesting facts

about Orcas. If you love reading about incredible creatures, then you will love this book. Perfect for young readers from age 5 to 8 and older ones through to 100!


To learn about the amazing world of these remarkable Super Predators, get your copy of “Orca Killer Whale” today!


Book Contents:

1. What are Orcas?

2. Why Killer Whales?

3. Where do Orcas live today?

4. How many Orcas are left in the wild?

5. How big is an Orca?

6. Different types of Orcas

7. Pods and Clans

8. How long do Orcas live?

9. Hunting

10. What do Orcas like to eat?

11. How much do Orcas eat?

12. Orca Communication

13. Echolocation

14. Cool Orca Facts

15. Orca Senses

16. Orca Teeth

17. Body Parts of an Orca

18. Orca Babies

19. How fast do Orcas swim?

20. Diving – How deep? How Long?

21. Do Orcas sleep?

22. Orca habits and behaviors

23. How smart are Orcas?

24. Human Threats