Polar Bears - Super Predators

Would you mess with a Bear that stands 10 feet tall? The biggest and most aggressive of all Bears?

That’s what Polar Bears are. They are also the most fascinating of all Bears too.

We call them Polar Bears but they only live near one of the 2 Poles — not both. Can you guess which one? North or South?

This book answers many of the Polar Bear questions you may have and a whole lot more…

Questions like… How have Polar Bears adapted to living in the extreme cold? Do they hibernate in Winter? What is their favorite meal? What is a group of Polar Bears called? Are they good swimmers?

“...I loved stories in which children could learn lessons…TJ Rob's books are now my new favorites…”

This book is filled with color images and interesting facts about Polar Bears. Perfect for Polar Bear loving young readers from age 5 to 8… but can be enjoyed by all ages too.

To explore the amazing world of these Arctic super predators, get your copy of “Polar Bears” today!

Book Contents:

  1. What are Polar Bears?
  2. The origin of Polar Bears
  3. Where do Polar Bears live today?
  4. How many Polar Bears are left in the wild?
  5. How big is a Polar Bear?
  6. Are Polar Bears really white?
  7. Polar Bear Fur
  8. Polar Bear Skin
  9. How long do Polar Bears live?
  10. Hunting
  11. What do Polar Bears like to eat?
  12. How often do Polar Bears hunt? How much do they eat?
  13. Communication and Sounds Polar Bears make
  14. 7 Cool Polar Bear Facts
  15. Polar Bear Senses
  16. Sharp Teeth - Powerful Bite
  17. GIANT Paws and Claws
  18. Polar Bear Cubs
  19. Do All Polar Bears Hibernate?
  20. Are Polar Bears good swimmers?
  21. Polar Bears are solitary animals
  22. How much do Polar Bears sleep?
  23. How have Polar Bears adapted to their environment?
  24. Polar Bears like to keep clean
  25. Polar Bears are Athletes
  26. More Cool Polar Bear Facts
  27. Human Threats