Snow Leopards - The Ghosts of the Mountain

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Have you heard of a big Cat that is so mysterious and stealthy that it is almost invisible? So rarely seen by humans that it was given the name “Ghost of the Mountain”.

Enter the fascinating world of the Snow Leopard…


Discover what do they look like. Where do they live in the world? How have Snow Leopards adapted to live on the highest snowy mountains? How they hunt, and many more answers to your questions about these elusive creatures.


“I bought this for one of my grandchildren who is obsessed with big cats…. The facts are fascinating even for adults.“


Filled with full color illustrations, interesting facts and easy to understand text. For readers young and old — from ages 5 to 8, but readers up to 100 will enjoy this book!


To learn what makes Snow Leopards unique and special cats, purchase your copy today!


Book Contents:

1.    What are Snow Leopards?

2.    What do Snow Leopards look like?

3.    How long do Snow Leopards live?

4.    Where do Snow Leopards live in the wild?

5.    How many Snow Leopards are there in the wild today?

6.    The differences between Snow Leopards and Leopards?

7.    More differences between Snow Leopards and Leopards?

8.    What do Snow Leopards eat?

9.    The Favorite Prey of Snow Leopards

10. How many Cubs do they have?

11. How have Snow Leopards adapted to the world they live in?

12. How Snow Leopards adapt to the world they live in

13. How fast can Snow Leopards move and how far?

14. Snow Leopard Fun Facts

15. More Snow Leopard Fun Facts

16. Threats to Snow Leopards