Our Amazing Sun

When you look up what do you see? Blue skies, clouds and of course the Sun! Without the Sun, there would be no Earth – not an Earth that you and I could live on. Just a frozen globe with no life at all!


We feel the heat of the Sun on our faces even though the Sun is 93 million miles away from Earth. So far away that the heat from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach us, travelling at the speed of light.


Compared to the Earth, the Sun is huge. It would take 1.3 million Earths to fill up the Sun.


This book answers all kinds of questions you may have about our amazing Sun.


Questions like… How was the Sun born? How old is the Sun? What is it made of? How hot is it? What is a Solar Eclipse? And many more…


This book uncovers some of the mystery about our own star in the sky, the Sun.


“…information is presented in easily digestible, bite-sized pieces… easy to understand…”


This book is filled with color images and interesting facts about the Sun. Ideal for smart young readers ages 5 to 8… and adults up to 100 too!


To explore this giant at the center of our Solar System, get your copy of “Our Amazing Sun” today!


Book Contents:

1.    Why do we want to learn about the Sun?

2.    What is the Sun made of?

3.    How hot is the Sun?

4.    How far is the Sun from Earth?

5.    How big is the Sun compared to Earth?

6.    How big is the Sun compared to other Suns?

7.    How old is the Sun?

8.    Will the Sun burn forever?

9.    Does the Sun rise and set?

10. Does the Sun circle around something larger?

11. Fun Sun Facts

12. What is the Solar Wind?

13. How are the Auroras created?

14. What would life on Earth be without the Sun?

15. What does the Sun do for us?

16. What is a Solar Eclipse?

17. Solar Space Missions

18. Solar Wonders – Sunspots

19. Solar Wonders – Solar Flares

20. Solar Wonders – CME

21. Solar Wonders – Sun Dogs

22. More Fun Sun Facts