Tigers - Super Predators

 What animal is orange and has black stripes?


10 points if the first animal you thought of was — a Tiger!


Do you know if Tigers are bigger than Lions?


This book answers all kinds of questions you may have about these majestic creatures.


Questions like… Where do you find Tigers in the wild today? Does a Tiger roar? Why do Tigers have stripes? What do Tigers like to eat? How much do they sleep? What is a group of Tigers called? And many more…


“Very informative. Easy for a child to read and plenty of pictures.”


This book is filled with color images and interesting facts about Tigers.


Perfect for animal loving readers from ages 5 to 8 and anyone else under 100!


To explore the world of these amazing top predators, get your copy of “Tigers” today!


Book Contents:

1.             What are Tigers?

2.             The Origin of Tigers?

3.             How many types of Tigers are there?

4.             Where do wild Tigers live today?

5.             Endangered Species

6.             How big is a Tiger?

7.             Tiger Stripes

8.             Why do Tigers have stripes?

9.             Tiger fur

10.         Tiger fur color

11.         Tiger skin

12.         Hunting

13.         What do Tigers like to eat?

14.         How do Tigers hunt?

15.         Do Tigers roar?

16.         Other sounds that Tigers make

17.         How long do Tigers live?

18.         7 Cool Tiger Facts

19.         Giant Claws

20.         Huge Teeth

21.         Tiger Cubs

22.         Do Tigers swim?

23.         How much do Tigers sleep?

24.         How have Tigers adapted to their environment?

25.         Tiger territories

26.         Tigers keep very clean

27.         7 More Cool Tiger Facts

28.         Threats to Tigers